About the Artist

I’ve been illustrating for as long as I can remember, and still have a few of those early pieces floating about in drawers. It was always something I really loved doing and remember getting some of the very best tips from Dad on achieving effects.

He’s the oil-painter of the family, and I’m the sketch artist (and miniatures painter). But I think each of us wishes we had the other’s skills!

I’ve only ever done two short-courses as part of my ‘formal’ training. They were very recent (the last few years) and were birthday gifts from my wife. In-fact, they were botanical illustration short-courses, and definitely gave me a whole set of new tools and tricks for sketching (as well as watercolours), so I really recommend it.

Working on Mörlok

Mörlok really is a labour of love for me – and I want to improve it as much as possible! So please send me your feedback on the artwork & covers, story and historical info. I’ve been researching it for a while, and collecting scraps of information, artwork, reference books, and doing sketches and concept drawings for years.

Issue #1 really came about because doing an outright graphic novel would take too long, and I’d probably have shelved Mörlok for “later” when I get the spare time (I’ve been convincing myself since 2003 that apparently I will find “spare time” for this project … Ha! and I’ve been fooling myself since about 1992 that I’ll find “spare time” to complete countless other temporarily-shelved projects: comics, stories, etc).

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Favourite Covers

Daniel lives in Australia with his wife and daughter, and travels frequently to Europe for family, business and volunteer work. He heads up Arcaeon Design Studio, while dedicating what little time left to non-profit groups and comics.

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