Favourite covers?

Actually, there’s quite a few that I think are amazing … but here’s a sample of some of the ones from my personal collection. I’ll do another post on favourite covers from European titles in my collection. And a couple more posts on other covers here and here too.

I guess some I just love because the composition, colours and artwork just really stood out at the time. Yeah, and I definitely bought quite a few just because I loved the cover.

These two are my all-time favourites, I really can’t decide which of the two I loved more as a kid, and I still can’t today. Captain America #374 was actually the first comic book I ever bought (thought Cap’n America #349 was the first one I ever owned … it came in a show-bag at the Easter Show). Green Lantern #6 was just amazing to me. The whole comic, the storyline, the cover by Broderick/Nelson and inners by Broderick/Patterson … everything. I must’ve re-read it a million times and was always frustrated at never knowing what happens next. It was difficult finding back-issues when I was a kid, and I remember some newsagents weren’t really consist with stocking each issue.

Got any particular favourites from this era? Let me know on Google+, or leave a comment here.