How to Perfect-Bind a Comic book!

Oh, believe me, it’s a gruelling process.

Don’t be disappointed that the step-by-step guide isn’t here yet. I’m not out to fool you, I’ve just not gotten around to finishing the guide.

Drying spines on a comic-book ready for perfect-bindingGluing spines on a comic-book ready for perfect bindingAnd yes, I’m the guy who manually perfect-bound each issue of Mörlok I sold over the two days at Sydney’s Supanova Expo, June 2012! Crazy, I know.

Meanwhile, enjoy some binding eye-candy.

Check out this album for some pictures of bringing Mörlok Issue #1 to life.

And here’s a video on a great DIY perfect-binding technique:

Here’s a demo video on the heavy-duty guillotine paper-cutter I use:

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